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Brad Smith

Brad Smith is a passionate and imaginative children’s book illustrator known for bringing stories to life with his vibrant and whimsical art. With a knack for creating wondrous worlds and lovable characters, Brad has illustrated four educational, faith-filled children’s books, including Jesus and My Gender and The King Who Found His Self Control. He has also ventured into the realm of graphic novels, illustrating his first graphic novel, How to Be a Kingdom Ninja.

Brad’s journey as an illustrator is fueled by his love for storytelling and his desire to inspire young minds. When he’s not drawing, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, finding new sources of inspiration, and sharing his artistic adventures on his website,

Illustrated for:

Tyndale | Harvest House | Relearn Church | Brave Books

Children’s Books Brad has Illustrated:

Jesus and My Gender

Brad worked with Dale Partridge, Pastor of Relearn Church, to create this wonderful best selling book on amazon, empowering families to teach their kids about God’s design, roles and plan for every boy and girl.

SuperChef Family Cookbook

Tyndale Publishing hired Brad to create comic illustrations of Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson and his superhero friend, which not only tells Darnell’s story but has awesome and delicious recipes too. Brad was honored to be apart of this book!

The King Who Found His Self Control

Harvest House Publishing hired Brad to create this original story written by Costi and Christyne Hinn. Brad had a great time designing the kingdom, the characters and every little detail in it to help the story come to life. It was a pleasure to work with them!

How to Be a Kingdom Ninja

Harvest House Publishing Hired Brad to create this Graphic Novel by Daniel Gil. This was a fun and challenging project as this was Brad’s first Graphic Novel he’s ever created. Words cannot describe how fun it was to illustrate How to Be a Kingdom Ninja!

The Farmer Who Chose to Plant Kindness

This is the second installment of The King Who Found His Self Control. This was a lot of fun! The book takes place in the same kingdom and characters from the first book show up in the second so keep an eye out! Just like the first book there is a hefty consequence to the decisions made in the book!

Helpful Resources:

Tools & Tips

iPad and Apple Pencil


Dokiwear Glove

This helps Brad draw smoothly on the iPad. Sticky hands (from sweat or the screen) no longer messes up Brad’s straight lines.


Sketchboard Pro

Brad uses a Sketchboard Pro when he draws on his iPad. Watch this video of Brad unboxing his Sketchboard pro for an up close look at the Sketchboard Pro.


TomToc iPad Pro Sleeve

This is a sleeve Brad uses all the time. Its amazing! Check it out, buy the right size. It’s worth it!


Coffee Brand Coffee

Delicious, Premium coffee. Roasted once you order. Free from politics and Woke agenda. Support Brad by drinking coffee! Just use the code: BRADSMITHDRAWS and get 10% off! (Fun Fact: Brad likes fun coffee mugs and even has an office theme mug he made for him and his wife!)